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Family-Owned Business

Sondela Eggs is a family-owned farm with a passion for commercial egg production. They are known for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. The farm combines traditional values with modern practices to produce exceptional eggs while minimizing their ecological impact. Sondela Eggs carries forward the family legacy, ensuring future generations can enjoy their superior products.


Sondela Eggs, is an agricultural focused company registered in terms of the South African Companies Act. The company produces eggs and conducts activities related to egg production and distribution. Its sister company, Sondela Animal Feeds, produces animal feed for both egg production and poultry rearing. The company commenced operations in 2001.

Sondela Eggs supplies eggs to customers throughout South Africa, across Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The company is located and operates in the Delmas area in Mpumalanga where the laying units and pack house are situated.


To be a low-cost supplier of quality egg products and one of South Africa’s leading egg producers that supplies high-quality farm fresh egg.


To attain year-round sustainable production and supply the market with quality products. We are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers and honour the commitments we make. We acknowledge our dependence on our employees and believe all people should be treated with respect and loyalty.


We believe in treating our clients with respect and faith. We integrate employee self-worth, integrity, teamwork, communication, and business ethics into every aspect of our business. These values permeate our organisation and ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the way we work.

  • Productivity

  • Safety

  • Environmental care

  • Sustainability

  • Excellence


  • Consistency in an excellent work ethic. Developing the heart to serve by employees.

  • Ensure safety, sustainability, flexibility and productivity.

  • Live the company slogan “Start your day the healthy way” at work and at home.

  • Performance-driven and results-oriented culture.

  • Adaptability to any working conditions and circumstances to ensure customer

  • satisfaction.


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